Ideal to be cooked and to prepare soups and salads or to be grinded to prepare your flour.

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  • Quinoa balls with turmeric, radicchio and walnuts

    Quinoa balls with turmeric, radicchio and walnuts

    Wash quinoa and then boil it in salted water until seeds are opened and soft. Once cooked drain quinoa, add turmeric and some pepper and mix all the ingredients. Wash chicory and drain it, cut it in pieces and put it in a glass with nuts, some salt and pepper. Blend and add some oil until you obtain a dense cream. Add cream to quinoa and mix...
  • Locro de quinoa

    Locro de quinoa

    Chop the leek and brown it eith the achote; add then the quinoa and the white maize, salt and pepper and finally the water. Cook it for about 20 minutes. Add potatoes, carrots and milk. At the end of the cooking add the cheese and the coriander with avocado oil. Serve it hot.
  • Non di solo pane vive l'uomo

    Non di solo pane vive l'uomo

    To prepare this Pietro Leemann’s recipe, that is quinoa Panzarella with crispy vegetables and wasaby flavoured cannellini with some fresh raspberries, prepare the mix with beans and wasabi and some oilve oil and a pince of salt. Then put the stuff in a sac a poche. Then prepare the external mixture: cook quinoa in 230 g of water for 20...
  • soy, mushrooms and quinoa burgers

    soy, mushrooms and quinoa burgers

    Pour soy granular in boiling water and Versate il granulare di soia in acqua bollente e lasciate rehydrate for 10 minutes. Drain it using a towel and let it cool.rinse quinoa and put it in a pot with some salted water and let it cook untili t completely absorbs water. Clean mushrooms and cook them on a pan with some oil and salt for some...


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