Organic Barley grains - 8.82 oz (250 g) -

Ideal to be cooked and to prepare soups and salads or to be grinded to prepare your flour.

In grains: let the barley soak for 12 hours and bring to a boil.

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  • Barley soup with vegetables

    Barley soup with vegetables

    Let grains soak for about 12 hours. Boil the barley in salted water for about 30 minutes. Chop vegetables and make them bake in a pot with some oil. After a few minutes add about 600 ml of water and make it cook for about 30 minutes mixing often. Add some spinach and the drained barley to the vegetables soap. Distribute a barley soap in single...
  • Barley salad with vegetables

    Barley salad with vegetables

    Let barley grains soak for about 12 hours, then let salted water boils and cook barley for about 30 minutes. Cut vegetables in small cubes; in a casserole put some olive oil, and all vegetables, cook them for some minutes. Put some salt and add a glass of water and let them cook for 10 minutes more covered by a lid. Once they got cold mix...
  • Zuppa di bietola e patate

    Zuppa di bietola e patate

    Cut onion, peel garlic and press it. Poor some spoons of oil in a casserole with garlic, onion and let it season for some minutes, salt and cook for 10 minutes with some water. Cut potatoes in some cubes and add them with cereals and beets. Put some salt and a mix of herbs (sage, rosemary, oregano) and let it season for 5 minutes. Poor 1 liter...