FLOUR TYPE W330- 176.37 OZ (5 KG)-

Common wheat type "00" flour type W 330  - Ideal to prepare brioches, pizza and other doughs. It can be used to strengthen other flours.

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  • Pizza with flour W330 (high hydration)

    Pizza with flour W330 (high hydration)

    Put water, yeast and malt in the mix bowl: Add half of the flour, 8 g of salt and the rest of the flour. Spill 20 ml of evo oil and process until the dough will be smooth and elastic (remember to invert the dough during the process). Put in a covered bowl for 2 hours. Spill the dough on a pastry board. Go on making folds (here you can find an...
  • Apulian flat bread with flour W330

    Apulian flat bread with flour W330

    Spill water in the bowl of the mixer and dissolve the yeast. Mix flours with the malt and spill one half in the bowl. Knead and add salt. Spill the rest of the flour and knead quickly until the dough is smooth. Add oil and gradually knead until the dough becomes smooth and elastic. Let it rise for about 2 hours in a bowl with some oil and...
  • Pizza with W330 flour

    Pizza with W330 flour

    Create a fountain with flour and potatoes flakes, spill ata the centre of the fountain 260g of water, the yeast and the malt and mix to dissolve the yeast. Start to process with a paddle and add half of the flour and then 8g of salt and the rest of the flour. Knead for a few minutes, add some oil and go on kneading until the dough is smooth and...
  • Pandolci with flour W330

    Pandolci with flour W330

    Blend sifted flour with yeast and sugar; in a bowl or in a stand mixer, knead the powders with 4 beaten eggs for 10 minutes, add a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of cinnamon and soft butter. Knead for some minutes. Let the dough rise covered with a rag for 2 hours in a warm place. Divide the dough in 4 moulds, paint them with an egg yolk and...
  • Pan brioches

    Pan brioches

    Mix ¾ of flour with milk in a bowl where you have previously dissolved the yeast. Add the egg, sugar, mixing energically with a paddle and folding the dough to the bottom. Add flavours. Salt and soft butter and the rest of flour. Go on kneading the dough through bottom-up movements with a a paddle. Let it rest for 10 minutes, then pour the dough...