Savory pie with savoy cabbage

  • Savory pie with savoy cabbage


For olive oil shortcrust pastry:
250 g of whole flour Molino Rossetto
1 spoon of salt
1 spoon of yeast for quiche Molino Rossetto
50 g of olive oil
100 g of cold water
for the stuff:
1,500 Kg of savoy cabbage
evo oil
white pepper
slices of cheese 
for white bechamel:
1/2 L of broth
30 g of evo oil
40 g of flour type 00


Prepare the shortcrust pastry: Put the ingredients in a bowl and knead using a fork until the dough comes off the walls; then put the dough on a plane and go on kneading until you obtain a homogenous concistency. Make a ball, and put it in some film in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Prepare the stuff: Remove the leafs of the savoy cabbage, cut it, wash it and drain it. Cook the savoy cabbage in a high borders casserole with some oil, salt and pepper and nutmeg. When it is cooked put it in the mixer

Prepare bechamel: In a poacher for microwave oven mix oil and flour. Spill the broth and put it in the microwave oven at the maximum power muddling until it it has a medium oil consistency. If you don’t have a microwave oven  cook with low flame for about 10  minutes starting from when it begins to boil. Mix the bechamel with the savoy cabbage, ad some salt, pepper and nutmeg. Take the shortcrust pastry, roll on an oven paper and put it in a pan. Pierce with a fork, spill 2/3 of the savoy cabbage compound and level. Put the slices of cheese and cover with the rest of savoy cabbage compound. Put some parmesan and put it in the hot oven at 200° for about 30 minutes. Serve it lukewarm.

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