Mediterranean flat bread

  • Mediterranean flat bread


1 pack (500g) mix Mediterranean flat bread Molino Rossetto
1 pack of brewery’s yeast (inside the flat bread pack)
350 ml of lukewarm water
5 spoons of olive oil

for the stuffing
4 spoons of evo oil
6 spoons of water


Let the yeast dissolve in some of the water. Spill the mix Mediterranean flat bread in a bowl, add the yeast and the rest of water, begin to knead adding also 5 spoons of oil. Process the mix for 5/10 minutes until you’ll obtain a smooth and homogenous consistency. Let the dough rise for about 1 hour in a lukewarm place, repaired by a towel. Process again the dough and lie it down with your fingers, on a pan covered with oven paper, let it rise for other 40 minutes. For a softer consistency of the surface of the flat bread prepare an emulsion with 6 spoons of water and 4 spoons of olive oil, coat the surface of the flat bread and cook in the hot oven at 200° for about 35/40 minutes.