Organic Khorasan kamut 100% flour 

Khorasan KAMUT wheat enriches the taste of your dishes made of cereals flour. The quality of gluten allows making pasta without using eggs.

It is produced in a factory that uses soy, sesam seeds and milk.

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What does biologico mean?

What does biologico mean?

The word biologico is made of two words: bio – logico. Bio means life, so, bio-logico sends to the “logic of life”. Bio agriculture is a method of production that cares about human and animal welfare in defense of environmental and cultural biodiversity : it refers to a sustainable model that cares about enivironmental safeguard. We speak about...
  • Breadsticks with poppy seeds

    Breadsticks with poppy seeds

    In a bowl combine the flour and the dried brewer’s yeast and add the water, where you had melt the salt and the oil. Knead the dough until it will be smooth, supple and elastic. Form the dough in a rectangle and let it to rise for an hour and half. From the rectangle, with a smooth blade knife, form some stripes of 1 cm thickness. Put the...
  • Khorasan bread with olives

    Khorasan bread with olives

    Recipe for bread maker Put in the bread pan handle water, oil and the flour with salt and sugar; in the end add also the brewer’s yeast. Set the bread maker on the program for kneading and rising. At the first acoustic signal add the olives and let the program terminates. If you knead with hands , blend flour, salt, sugar and brewer’s yeast....
  • Khorasan and spelt pizza

    Khorasan and spelt pizza

    Mix flour, salt and sugar. Form a fountain and spill the yeast that has been dissolved previously. Spill the water gradually and process the dough energically for about 10 minutes, untili t is smooth and elastic. Put the dough in a repaired place and let it rest for at least 1h e 30 min. Warm the oven at 190°. Lie down the dough on a pan with...
  • Khorasan dumplings

    Khorasan dumplings

    Clean potatoes with their peel and make them boil in a casserole. Once they have been cooked, drain them and peel them. Mash them in a pan. Form a fountain, add the egg and a pinch of salt and put at the center half of the flour. Start to knead and add the remaining flour gradually. The dough should be smooth. Take a portion of dough and foprm...


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