BARLEY FLOUR - 14,11 OZ (400 G) -

Barley flour 100% - ideal for cookies, short (cust) pastry, bread and flat bread, It is suggested to use it with 50% of flour type 00.

It is produced in a factory that uses soy, sesam seeds and milk.

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  • Ear bread

    Ear bread

    Blend the flours with the water where you blended the brewer’s yeast; add the honey, the thyme and in the end the salt. Knead until the dough will be smooth. Put the dough in a bowl, cover with a cotton rag or clingfilm until it doubled in size. After the time, upset the dough on the table, form into 3 parts and make some loafs; with scissors...
  • Cookies with barley and oat flour

    Cookies with barley and oat flour

    Preheat oven to 180°C. Beat soft butter with raw cane sugar and maple syrup. Add egg and beat again. Add flours and baking powder, ginger powder and a pinch of salt. Mince white chocolate and add it to the dough with blueberries and blend. If it is necessary, let the dough in the fridge for some minutes. With wet hands make some balls,...