Soft wheat flour. Ideal for rustic bread, pizza and flat bread. 

This flour comes from selected higher quality wheats, 100% Italian.

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  • Whole flat bread with olives

    Whole flat bread with olives

    Mix flour and yeast. Add sugar and salt. Spill water gradually and process the dough with your hands. At the end add oil and go on kneading until you’ll obtain a smooth dough, elastic and homogenous. Put the dough in a bowl with oil and let the dough rising in a repaired place until it double its volume for about 1h 30 min. Lie the dough down on...
  • Potatoes dumplings with whole wheat flour

    Potatoes dumplings with whole wheat flour

    Clean potatoes and boil them in some water. When they’re cooked mash potaotes in a bowl and add 3 pinches of salt and 1 egg. Mix until the egg is absorbed and add the flour gradually. When the dough is compact, but soft, divide i tinto different pieces. Put some whole flour on a pan and form some ropes of 1 cm of dimeter. Cut the ropes. Boil...