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Molino Rossetto and the choice of renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources allow to reduce CO2 emissions compared to not-renewable sources. Using electricity produced by renewable energy sources we can reduce up to 60% of CO2 emissions. Molino Rossetto has chosen to sustain the development and the use of the renewable energy sources and in 2010 Molino Rossetto built a photovoltaic system to satisfy plants’ energetic needs. This is also an important ethical choice.


Video Aziendale Molino Rossetto 1

Environment engagement through FSC packaging

Molino Rossetto is adopting an entrepreneurial philosophy that cares about ecology and sustainability. Every packaging is produced using renewable sources’ energy thanks to the 280 kw/h photovoltaic system in Pontelongo plant. In 2013 new eco friendly packaging were introduced to reduce the environmental impact: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper packaging will be adopt for the traditional flours. FSC paper comes from controlled forests, managed ethically and ecologically following strict environmental standards and international laws.