• Old wheats (chpt.3) : burnt wheat

    Burnt wheat is a typical product of the Apulian kitchen and it is obtained by toasted wheat that has an ancient story.

    Today it is  toasted tough wheat, that has a smoked taste and for low content of gluten. Ideal for flat bread and loafs and also to make main dishes. It is diff...

  • Aromi Therapy

    Aromas and spices are the key to the originality of dishes in the kitchen. Discover the power and the secret of the aromas and spices of Molino Rossetto.

    In the past they were conside...

  • The nature in the dish

    Discover all secrets of our soups!

    Recipes of our soups have been thought fo offer a good and healthy product, but above all natural.
    Legumes flours are t...

  • Apricots: what a passion!

    They are one of the fruit with an elegant tasteç they can be used in sweet and salt recipes. Discover more.

    They come from China, where they were cultivated in 2000 a.C., they arrived to Mediterranean thanks to the Arab.

    Hunza, people of Himalaya, are on ...

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