New packaging. Handy for you, healthy for the environment 

The new MOLINO ROSSETTO line in Vpack is born.

Quality flours packaged in an innovative ecological container. Made entirely in FSC paper, that is coming from forests managed in a responsible and sustainable way. Resistant and practical to store, the new packaging allows efficient and convenient use. You can pour the flour without anything coming out, no waste but above all you won't need the balance anymore. Beside each Vpack a window has been applied (made of completely compostable materials), from which you can monitor at a glance the amount of flour you are pouring.

The reclosable cap allows a simple and immediate use and improves the conservation of your flour.

For a correct differentiated collection, open the package, take out the cap and throw it in the plastic, fold the whole cart on itself and place it on the paper.

Today in our line of flours in Vpack we find:

- Type 00 flour, 100% Italian wheat

- Whole wheat flour, 100% Italian wheat

- Type 00 flour

- Manitoba flour

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