MIX MUFFIN- 14,11 oz (400 G) -

With soft wheat fl our type “00”  - for 12 muffins add: 6 oz (170 g) butter, 3 eggs, 1.76 fl oz (50 ml) of milk, 180° (356 F) for 20 minutes.

It is produced in a factory that uses soy, sesam seeds and milk.

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  • Muffins with chocolate drops

    Muffins with chocolate drops

    Beat the eggs in a big bowl with an electric beater, add milk and soft butter. Add the mix for muffin and blend until the batter will be smooth. Add chocolate drops dusted with flour. Pour the batter in a muffin mould greased with butter or in single muffin moulds (from 12 to 15). Fill the moulds for ¾ and bake to 180°C in preheated oven for...
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