Non di solo pane vive l'uomo

  • Non di solo pane vive l'uomo


Ingredients for 8 people:

100 g of Hokkaido pumpkin
100 g of white quinoa Molino Rossetto

40 g of red cabbage
40 g of carrots
40 g of green celery

100 g of broccoli
100 g dry Cannellini beans
5 g of wasabi

For the stuff:
30 g of equilibrium (mixture of 30 g of white vinegar, 6 g of cane sugar, 5 g of salt)
40 g of olive oil
enough salt


To prepare this Pietro Leemann’s recipe, that is quinoa Panzarella with crispy vegetables and wasaby flavoured cannellini with some fresh raspberries, prepare the mix with beans and wasabi and some oilve oil and a pince of salt. Then put the stuff in a sac a poche.

Then prepare the external mixture: cook quinoa in 230 g of water for 20 minutes. Quinoa will be ready when seed will be opened and all water will be dried.  Remove quinoa from the pot and blen it using a blender. Then cut pumpkin in thin slices and let it boil for 30 seconds in salted water and then let it coll in cold water. One half will be cut in thin cubes while the other one will be blended to obtain a smooth cream.

For splash you need: 100 g of spinach, 100 g of white quinoa, 200 g of raspberries, 30 g of cane sugar 20 g of cornstarch, 50 g of lemon juice.
For the chlorophyll you need to boil spinach in salted water for 50 seconds; then cool them in water, ice and salt, drain them and blend them. Check the consistency of the cream: if it is necessary you can add 100 g of cornstarch. For the gastrique, you need to warm 30 g of sugar with some water in a pot until the temperature of 120°C. when sugar has reached the desired temperature add raspberries. The compound must be warmth for 10 minutes. Once removed from the fire, add 40 g of lemon juice and blend everything to obtain a smooth cream. Finally let cool in ice water bath.

Wash, peel and cut in rounds of 2 cm daikon for different minutes and let it cool in cold water. You need to cut carrots, green celery and red cabbage in small cubes. Cut broccoli in pieces and then roast them in a pan with some oil and a pince of salt. Roll some film and distribute vegetables and quinoa. Above them distribute broccoli and at the centre cannellini and wasabi cream. Close everything forming a ball and roll it on remaining vegetables.

For the final stage: on a plate put a stain of pumpkin, one of raspberries and the other one of chlorophill. Blow sauces and at the centre put the pumpkin and the ball above it. Dress it with some vinegar and Tuscany oil.

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