Potatoes dumplings with whole wheat flour

  • Potatoes dumplings with whole wheat flour


180-200 g of whole flour Molino Rossetto
500 g of potatoes
1 medium egg
3 pinches of salt
For the dressing: 
some butter 
2 spoons of gorgonzola 
enough arugula salad
enough pepper


Clean potatoes and boil them in some water. When they’re cooked mash potaotes in a bowl and add 3 pinches of salt and 1 egg. Mix until the egg is absorbed and add the flour gradually. When the dough is compact, but soft, divide i tinto different pieces. Put some whole flour on a pan and form some ropes of 1 cm of dimeter. Cut the ropes. Boil some salted water in a pot and put gnocchetti inside. put some butter, gorgonzola and add some arugula salad in a pan. When dumplings come out put them in the pan and mix them adding some water.

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