White polenta's crackers

  • White polenta's crackers
  • White polenta's crackers


150 g of white maize flour Molino Rossetto
250 g of  wheat flour type 0 Molino Rossetto
1 pack of powder mother yeast
3 spoons of sesam oil
1 egg
1 spoon of fennel seeds Molino Rossetto
some cumin
some cinnamon
enough water and salt 


Toast cumin and cinnamon and mash them in a mortar. Mix flours, the yeast, the salt and mix with spice, oil and the egg; knead the ingredients and add some water gradually, until you obtain a soft dough: roll the dough, cut the snikers with a stencil or a glass, put fennel seeds; and put the snikers on a pan with some oil. Cook in the oven at 180° for about 20 minutes.

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