Babà with flour W400

  • Babà con farina W400


350g of flour W400 Molino Rossetto
5 medium eggs
30g of water
75g of soft butter
20g of sugar
6g of salt
15g of fresh brewery’s yeast
For Bagna: 1 lt of water, 500 g of sugar, orange and lemon peel, dark rhum.
Boil water with sugar and peels, let it cool and then add rhum if you want.
You’ll need asso: Molds for babà.


In a bowl dissolve the yeast with the water in a bowl with a spoon of sugar, add two spoons of flour and mix, then cover with some film and let it rest. In the meantime pour only egg whites in the bowl, break with a fork and add flour leaving 5 spoons of it aside and knead briefly. Let it rest in a covered place for about 30 minutes. Then pour the compound in the bowl and knead using a machine until the dough is homogenous. Add one yolk at a time with a spoon of flour, add sugar with some salt. Wait until the dough becomes elastic, then add soft butter. Knead until the dough becomes smooth and elastic. Let it rest covered until the volume doubles. Then deflate it and knead it and with your hands form some balls that will occupy 1/3 of the molds. Let the dough rise in the molds until the dome withdrew from the mold, then cook in the preheated oven at 180° until it becomes golden. Remove babà from the oven and let them cool. Put them in bagna and then drain them. Serve them with cream or pastry cream and decorate with black cherries.
Recipe of Adriano Continisio. Visit the blog

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