marchigiani orangeys

  • Arancini marchiggiani


600 g of flour for cakes Molino Rossetto
200 g of sugar
1 egg
130 g of butter
A cube of brewery’s yeast
200 ml of milk
Grated lemon peel
Grated lemon orange
Sedds oil


Prepare shortcrust with flour, butter, egg and brewery’s yeast dissolved in milk: nkead all the ingredients to obtain a smooth dough. Form a ball and put it on a container with some flour and let it rise with a towel for 2 hours. Roll the dough and cover it with some sugar and grated lemon and orange peels, rolli t and cuti t in slices of about 1 cm, in order to obtain some rolls. Fry rolls in seeds oil until they become golden; dissolve honey and glaze rolls before you serve them.  As an alternative you can cook them in the oven at 200° for about 15 minutes and serve them hot covered by some powdered sugar.

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