Three general rules for a healthy diet

Three general rules for a healthy diet

Ludwig Feuerbach said that "Human is what he eats".
World healthy day tries to persuade people to think about what they eat. This year it is dedicated to increase prevention, reinforce care and improve surveillance. Each prson can do something to fight diabetes. And there is a healthy diet at the bottom. Eating in a healthy way is fundamental for our physical and psychological wellness. For this imprtant day we thought about three easy rules to follow.

Here are three easy rules to eat in a healthy way.

1 Variety: try to follow a balanced and various diet din which bread, pasta, fruit and vegeables are important. We prefer seasonal fruit and vegetables taking care of nutritional qualities. It is important to value different types of cereals inside your food habits.

This can be a conscious and sustainable behaviour that allows to reduce environmental impact and to introduce vegetables with high content of proteins.

For example, at lunch or dinner use Grains of to prepare soups of salads:
Spelt salad with cherry tomatoes and beans
Barley soup with vegetables

2 Quantity: when you eat it is essential to assume enough quantity of energy and eventually, increasing energic expenses when we exceed doing some sport; it is necessary paying attention to high density of energy like cheese, pastry and remember that we can eat less bread and pasta with easy deressings. For example, as a break in the morning try home made cereals candy bars: Amaranth crackers with honey and dry fruit

3 Time: organize meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two breaks. Distribute daily energy taking into account your body’s needs, and try not to eat too much in the evening and eat much at breakfast. That is the main meal in a day. Let’s give importance to food and dedicate some time to eat, so that we can be more full and relaxed. At breakfast eat as you were a king, at lunch as you were a prince, at dinner as you were a poor.

Start the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast with our puffed cereals.


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