Sliced bread with mother yeast

  • Pancarré con lievito madre


500 g of Molino Rossetto bread flour
35 g of Molino Rossetto wheat mother yeast
125 g of water
125 g of milk
12 g of sugar
20 g of water
40 g of melted butter
12 g of salt


  • WHEAT MOTHER YEAST - 3 bgs X 1,23 OZ (35 G) EACH -


Put in the bread maker the following ingredients: first 125 g of water, the milk, the flour, the wheat mother yeast and the sugar.
Let start sandwich program (or similar) for 3 hours. After 2 minutes add to the dough other 20 g of water, the melted butter and the salt.
The dough will be soft and a little sicky. At the end of the cooking, let the bread cool on a grill.
Thanks to the wheat mother yeast, this bread can last 3-4 days.
We suggest you to preserve the bread in the fridge wrap with a cotton rag, especially during summer period.
You could toast some slices to prepare some toasts, club sandwiches or painted with butter and jam.

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