Pan brioches

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350 g of flour type W330 Molino Rossetto
125 g of whole milk
35 g of sugar
1 egg
5 g of gluten free brewery's yeast Molino Rossetto
70 g of soft butter(13°C)
3,5 g of salt
Vanilla flavouring
Gated orange peel


Mix ¾ of flour with milk in a bowl where you have previously dissolved the yeast. Add the egg, sugar, mixing energically with a paddle and folding the dough to the bottom. Add flavours. Salt and soft butter and the rest of flour. Go on kneading the dough through bottom-up movements with a a paddle. Let it rest for 10 minutes, then pour the dough on a pan with some flour. Fold the dough and let it rise in a stopppered container. Let it rise for 2 hours at ambient temperature and then in the fridge, from 6 (minimum) to 24 (maximum) hours. Knead the dough and make some folds again, let it rest for 30 minutes, then put it on a plumcake mold. With some butter. As an alternative you can rol the dough down and form a roll, then cut some small roses that will be put  in the mold. Leti t rise for about 90 minutes, glaze the surface with a shaken egg and then cook. Put in the oven at 200°C, with steam, after 10 minutes cover the surface with some tinfoil. Picture and recipe of Pan di Pizza by Stafano Massaro:

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