Cinnamon rolls

  • Cinnamon rolls


300 g of flour type W330 Molino Rossetto
120 g of whole milk
40 g of sugar
50 g of whole eggs
55 g of butter
10 g of brewery’s yeast
3 g of salt
organic orange peel

For seasoning:
1 pack of gluten free spice flavour Molino Rossetto
110 g of sugar
15 g of butter




Weigh all the ingredients before kneading. Mix milk, flour and yeast in a bowl; knead until you obtain a smooth dough, then let it rest 30 minutes. After the rest add eggs and sugar and go on mixing.
When the dough is consistent add soft butter with orange peel. Finally pour salt. When you obtained a homogenous and smooth dough let it rise for about 1 hour and 26°C. Make three stripes if you want to make the calssic braid or make some balls. Then let it rise at 26°C until the volume doubles. Prepare the mix. Pour sugar and spice mixture in a bowl and mix everything. Knead the yeast-raised dough and deflate it on a pan with some flour using a rolling pin and obtaining a rectangle. Then drizzle with melted butter and put ¾ of flavoured mix on the surface. Roll the dough. Divide the roll into halves and form three disks (3-4 cm) using each roll. You will obtain 12 wheel. Put some oil on the pan and pour the rest of the flavoured mix. Put the roll on the pan and cover them with some film. Let them rise for at least 30 minutes. When wheels have doubled their volume cook them. Cinnamon rolls can be cooked in the èpreheated oven at 180°C for about 30 minutes. Once they’re cooked let them cool completely.

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