Double white chocolate fudge

  • Semifreddo al cioccolato bianco


350 g of apricots
250 g of milk
250 g of fresh cream
160 g of sugar
100 g of white chocolate
20 g of flour for cakes Molino Rossetto
15 g of cocoa
2 yolks
1 lemon
Rhum and salt


  • SWEET-CAKES FLOUR - 35,27 OZ (1 KG) -


Chop chocolate. Boil milk with grated peel of ½ lemon, then turn off and let It warm. Shake yolks with 80 g of sugar and a pince of salt, until they are foamy, so mix them with flour. Pour this compound on the milk and put it on the fire, go on mixing until the compound reaches the consistency of pastry cream.
Let the cream boil for 1 minute, then remove from the fire and dissolve chopped chocolate. Stiffen apricots, blend 200g of them with ½ lemon juice, obtain some sauce and mix it with the cream. Let it cool outside the fridge. Whip cream. Cut the rest of apricots in cubes, combine them to the cream and add whipped cream. Cover 2 plumcakes molds (8x18 cm), pour the compound and let it cool in freezer for at least 3-4 hours. Dissolve 80g of sugar in 50g of water, obtain a syrup: when it boils, remove it from the fire, mix cocoa and when syrup is cold, add a spoon of rhum. Serve with some sauce and if you want with apricots and pistachio.

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