Orange sweeten cake

  • Ciambella golosa all'arancia


300 g of organic stoneground flour type 1 Molino Rossetto
30 g of gluten free potato starch Molino Rossetto
4 eggs
300 g of sugar
190 ml of orange juice
170 ml of seeds oil
1 pack of gluten free vanilla-flavored baking powder Molino Rossetto
2 packs of gluten free vanilla flavour Molino Rossetto
1 spoon of brandy
1 orange to decorate

For the frosting:
150 g of powdered sugar
2 spoons of cocoa
2 or 3 spoons of orange juice


  • FLOUR TYPE 1 - 17,64 OZ (500 G)
  • Natural Vanilla extract - gluten-free - 2 CASES X 0,88 OZ (2,5 G)


Remove the peel from the orange and cut it in rounds and put it in a bowl with some brandy and a spoon of sugar.

Blend sugar and orange peel, add yolks untilyou obtain a soft compound and add orange juice, flour with the yeast and some oil. Then Stiffen egg whites in another bowl and add them to the compound. Put in the oven at 180° for 45 minutes; check the cooking with a stick.

in the meantime prepare chocolate frosting: add juice to the sugar until you obtain a compound that is not too liquid.

For the white frosting. Follow the same process but without cocoa.

When you have removed the cake from the oven let it cool and drizzle it with cocoa frosting and decorate with orange rounds. As an alternative, you can decorate with orange glass Sfornata la torta lasciatela raffreddare spalmatela con la glassa al cacao e decorate con le rondelle di arancia fatte sgocciolare precedentemente. Oppure decoratela con la glassa all'arancia semplice.

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