Blueberries pie with chocolate ganache

  • Crostata di mirtilli con ganache al cioccolato


For the dough
250 g of flour type 00 100% Italian wheat Molino Rossetto
150 g  of cold butter 
130 g of sugar  
1 medium egg 
1 lemon peel 
1 pince of salt

For the stuff
200 g of blueberries

For ganache
65 g of fresh cream
100 g of dark chocolate 
Enough blueberries 


  • PREMIUM FLOUR - 35,27 OZ (1 KG) -


Pour flour, butter and some salt in a mixer. Blend until you obtain a sandy compound. Add sugar, egg and lemon peel. When the compound is compact knead it with your dough until you obtain a homogenous stick. Envolve it in some film and let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Put some floure and roll the stick down with a rolling pin until you obtain a disk of about 1 cm thick and use it to cover a mold of 20 cm. Pierce it with a fork and pour blueberries compound on the whole surface. Cook the pie in the oven at 180çC for 40 minutes; once it is ready let it cool.

For the chocolate ganache.
Warm fresh cream in a pot untili t is almost ready to boil. Chop dark chocolate and add it to the cream: but turn the fire off before. Mix until the chocolate is completely melted. Then put it in a bowl and put this bowl in another pot wher there must be some water and ice. Then shake for some minutes, you should obtain a consistent cream. Put the cream in a sac–à- poche and decorate the pie also with some blueberries.

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