Red Velvet Cupcakes

  • Red Velvet Cupcakes


300 g of floour for cakes Molino Rossetto
130 g of oil
300 g of sugar
135 g of milk
125 g of yogurt
120 g of eggs
9 g of vanilla-flavored baking powder gluten-free
3 g of bicarbonate
2 spoons of lemon juice
enough red coloring

Cream cheese:
300 g of soft cheese
200 g of mascarpone
70 g of powdered sugar
200 g of cream


Mix powders. Mix sugar, olive oil, eggs until you obtain a shiny cream. Add lemon juice and all yogurt and mix. Alternate powders and milk. Pour the dough in molds for muffin: fill half of each mold and then cook in the oven at 180°C for 20 minutes.
For mascarpone cream.
Mix mascarpone and soft cheese, they must be ambient temperature. When you obtained a smooth cream, add sugar and the cream.
Put the cream in a syringe for cakes and stuff your red velvet cupcakes. Decorate with some dough taken from some other cupcakes and serve them.

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