Summer sponge cake

  • Sponge cake


For the base:
1 Molino Rossetto mix for sponge cake
200 g of soft butter
40 ml of milk
4 eggs
To fill:
200 g of fresh spreadable cheese
200 g of mascarpone cheese or 350 g of cream

It is necessary also: an electric beater, a 20 cm diameter extendable mould.


  • mix SPONGE CAKE - 14,11 oz (400 g) -


Let the butter soften until it seems a cream.

In a big bowl beat 5 eggs, add mix for sponge cake, butter and milk. Knead the batter for 5 minutes until it will be smooth and uniform.

Pour the dough in an extendable mould (diameter 20 cm) and let it bake in preheated oven to 200°C for 40 minutes or so.

When the cake will be cooked, let it cool completely.

To fill blend 200 g of spreadable cheese and 200 g of mascarpone cheese and add cutted strawberries. You should use also cream.

Form the cake into 2 disks. Spread the cream on the base and lay down on it the second disk. Let the cake rest for 2 hours.

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