Cocoa cake with chocolate frosting

  • Cocoa cake with chocolate frosting


For the dough:
400 g of Molino Rossetto mix for cocoa cake
125 g of soft butter
3 eggs
150 ml of milk
For the frosting:
170 g of broken dark chocolate
180 ml of cream
15 g of soft butter


Pour the mix for cocoa cake in a bowl, add soft butter, eggs and milk. With an electric beater blend the dough until it will be smooth and uniform.

Grease a mould (18 cm of diameter) with butter and bake in preheated oven to 180°C for 40 minutes or so. Let the cake cool completely in the mould.

Meanwhile prepare frosting: in a bowl pour the broken chocolate, the cream and butter. Then melt them slowly in a bain marie. Take off the frosting from the stove, it will have a very liquid consistency and let it cool until it will begin to grow together.

Pour the frosting on the cake and let it rest until it will be solid.

You should decorate cake with colored sprinkles, icing sugar or cocoa powder.

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