Spelt and barley's fetuccine

  • Spelt and barley's fetuccine


For the dough:
3 eggs
140 g of bio spelt flour Molino Rossetto
140 g of barley flour Molino Rossetto
1 pince of salt

For the dressing:

500 g of fresh mushrooms
200 g of cherry tomatoes
1 spoon of granular cube 
olive oil
1 clove of garlic
dry white wine 


Prepare fettuccine: Put the flour and a pince of salt in a bowl, make a whole in the center and break an egg. Knead and process the dough for at least 10 minutes until the dough is homogenous and elastic. Let it rest for about 30 minutes under a plate. Roll the dough with the rolling pin until the crust is not too thick. Cut fettuccine and put them on a tray covered by oven paper and put some flour.

Prepare the sauce: clean and wash mushrooms fastly and cut them into pieces. Brown the garlic in a casserole with some oil, add the chilli in pieces and the mushrooms and let them cook until the water will be evaporated. Put some wine and let evaporate. Spill tomato sauce and the granular cube and cook for 1 hour more adding water gradually. Cook fettuccine and drain when it is ready. Mix them with the sauce and put some parmesan.

You can find this recipe here: www.myricettarium.com/

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