Matcha Green tea dumplings with red shrimps

  • Gnocchi al Tè Verde Matcha e Gamberi Rossi


(for 4 people)
400 g of red potatoes
200 g of flour type "00" Molino Rossetto
10 g of powder of Matcha green tea Matcha
80 g of grated parmesan
35 g of egg yolk (one yolk)
30 g of lin seeds Molino Rossetto
2 g of salt

For the stuff
8 red shrimps 
50 ml of cognac
100 ml of olive oil
50 g of butter
5 g of salt




Easy as potato dumplings, but green coloured thanksto the Japanese Matcha green tea Facili come i classici gnocchi di patate, ma dal colore verde brillante grazie al Té Verde Matcha . Cultivated in Uji, Kyoto, it facilitates the metabolism, a natural source of energy. It has been  used in the East since thousands of years to enrich different recipes.

Wash potatoes and put them in a pot with 3 liters of cold water and salt. Let it boil and cook for about 15 minutes, until they are soft. Drain them and let them cool. Peel red shrimps. Add a clove of garlic, olive oil, and some butter in a pan and let brown, add the shrimps with some cognac and let it cook for some minutes. 
Mash potatoes in a big bowl. Put some powder of Matche Green tea, add flour, parmesan cheese, lin seeds Molino Rossetto and some salt, mix everything with a wooden spoon, until the colour is homogenous and green Add flour until you obtain a moldable dough. Form some sausages, putting some flour and cut forming some dumplings. Boil dumplings in salted water, when they come out put them in the pan of the dressing. Cook for some minutes. Serve them hot, decorating the dish with a shrimp and some Matcha green tea

CURIOSITY by Chef Davide Saglioco

Nine hundreds years of story

Matcha is a stoneground Japanse green tea rich of antioxidants. It is cultivated in the Uji region, near Kyoto. Lovely Matcha  is recognized as the highest millennial Japanese tradition of tea  and it is produced using the best tea leafs, cultivated in the twilight and ground with the stone untile you obtain it is obtained a scented, green powder. When you drink Lovely Matcha you drink the whole leaf not only the infusion of it, as in the casa of the other types of tea. This gives an unforgettable flavour and many benefits for the health. It is used to prepare many dishes. 

How to choose red shrimps
For this first dish it is better to use medium-small red shrimps because the quality costs less and it has a delicate taste. There are many types of shrimps and they are different considering their colour (white, light red, dark red and grey) but the only way to recognize a fresh crustacean is to look at  the eyes, the antennae, and the paws (they must be moving) and their shell must be brilliant. This crustacean is the most used in recipes because it is appropriate to prepare suhi. The best months to buy shrimps are March and Augst.

Recipe and picture of Chef Davide Sagliocco

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