Khorasan dumplings

  • Khorasan dumplings


500 g of potatoes
170 g of Kamut flour Molino Rossetto
1 egg
enough salt


Clean potatoes with their peel and make them boil in a casserole. Once they have been cooked, drain them and peel them. Mash them in a pan. Form a fountain, add the egg and a pinch of salt and put at the center half of the flour. Start to knead and add the remaining flour gradually. The dough should be smooth. Take a portion of dough and foprm some ropes on the pan with some flour. Cut the ropes into pieces with a knife and give the shape that you want. Cook the dumplings in salted water and drain them when they come out. Dress them with butter, sage and parmesan, tomato sauce or with sausage and fennel ragu. Serve them hot.

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