pancakes with speck chicory and fontina cheese

  • Crespelle speck radicchio e fontina


(for 8 people)
for pancakes:
300 ml of milk
40 g of butter
2 eggs
250 g of flour type "00" Molino Rossetto 
enough salt
For the stuff:
500 g of Treviso chicory
250 g of fontina cheese
16 slices of speck
40 g of butter
enough salt and pepper 
For the lining:
40 g of butter
100 g of fontina cheese




Poor eggs in a bowl and shake them with a fork. Add some milk, salt and mix everything. Poor flour type 00 and then melted butter, mix everything until you obtain a smooth and homogenous dough. Let it rest in a bowl in the fridge for about 30 minutes covered by some film. Put some butter in a pan, warm it and poor a spoon of dough and distribute it on the whole surface of the pan. Cook the pancakes for a minute each side, go on until the end of the dough. Wash and cut chicory. Warm 40 g of butter in a pot and cook the chicory for 10 minutes. Stuff pancakes with 2 slices of speck, chicory and some fontina cheese; fold pancakes in half and then in four.
Warm the remaining butter and 10 g of fontina cheese in a pot for the lining. Put some butter in a pan and put the stuffed pancakes. Cook in the oven (grill) for 10 minutes at 180°.

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