Chickpeas pancakes

  • Chickpea pancakes


200 g of chikpeas flour  Molino Rossetto
425 ml of water 
some fresh parsley
30 g of parmesan of pecorino cheese
frying oil
enough salt
enough pepper
lemon juice




Put in a pot chickpeas flour Molino Rossetto. Add 125 ml of water gradually, mixing and without forming lumps. Add 300 ml of water to the batter gradually. Put some salt and pepper. Cook the compound for about 15 minutes. Mix during the cooking with a wooden spoon. The compound will be ready when it comes off the borders of the pot. At the end of the cooking put cheese and parsley. Spread the compound on a surface with a paddle. The thickness must be about  ½ centimeter. Leti it cool and make some disks with a glass with wet borders. Warm some oil in a pan and fry pancakes for about 2 minutes each side untili t becomes golden. Drain and spray with some lemon juice. Pancakes with chikpeas flour are a version of panelle siciliane, only the shape changes. They can be served as a starter, during the brunch or to stuff sesam sandwich.

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