Chickpea flour, great for cakes and flat breads. Gluten free 

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Gluten Free for everyone!

Gluten Free for everyone!

Gluten free does not mean only waiver. starting from mediterranean food, there is much food gluten free that everyone eat everyday. The advantage of a gluten free diet or with a reduced content of gluten for people that are not celiac is related to the possibility to vary the types of cereal dishes . there are many tasty recipes to...
  • Chickpeas pancakes

    Chickpeas pancakes

    Put in a pot chickpeas flour Molino Rossetto. Add 125 ml of water gradually, mixing and without forming lumps. Add 300 ml of water to the batter gradually. Put some salt and pepper. Cook the compound for about 15 minutes. Mix during the cooking with a wooden spoon. The compound will be ready when it comes off the borders of the pot. At the end...
  • Chickpeas' crackers

    Chickpeas' crackers

    In a bowl put the flours, the spices, the oil and the water, melting with a fork and after with the hands, until the dough will be smooth. Spread out the dough on a bakery paper. Cut the crackers and bake to 190°C for 15-20 minutes. Recipe by:
  • vegan chickpeas biscuits

    vegan chickpeas biscuits

    Pour flour in a pan and mix until it is well toasted. Put the flour in a bowl and let it cool, then add almond flour, agave juice, cinnamon, and lemon peel. Mix and add oil and water gradually. Mix all the ingredients everything until you obtain a soft dough. Choose the shape to give to the biscuits and then put in the oven at 180°C for about...
  • peas falafel with tahini sauce

    peas falafel with tahini sauce

    Boil peas for 2 minutes, then drain them and rinse them under water to cool them. It is important not to cook them too much and cool them well. Then blen peas with mint, lemon juice, cumin seeds and enough salt and pepper. Add chickpeas flour and spring onions in slices and mix. If the compound is too soft, add some flour and keep the compound...


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