peas falafel with tahini sauce

  • Falafel di piselli con salsa tahini


For about 18 falafels

500 g of fresh peeled peas
40 – 50 g of gluten free chickpeas flour Molino Rossetto
8 g of mint flour
2 spring onions
2 spoons of lemon juice
1 spoon of cumin seeds
Himalaya pink salt
black pepper
olive oil

For tahini sauce:
45 g of light tahini
30 g of water
1 e 1/2 spoon of lemon juice
Himalaya pink salt




Boil peas for 2 minutes, then drain them and rinse them under water to cool them. It is important not to cook them too much and cool them well. Then blen peas with mint, lemon juice, cumin seeds and enough salt and pepper. Add chickpeas flour and spring onions in slices and mix. If the compound is too soft, add some flour and keep the compound in the fridge for about 1 hour. Form some small balls with your hands, mash them and put them on a some oven paper. Let it rest for 30 minutes. In the meantime prepare tahini sauce: mix tahini with water, lemon juice and salt. Warm a pan with 3 spoons of olive oil and cook falafels until one side will be golden, then turn and remove it from the fire when also the other side will be golden. Serve with tahini sauce.

Picture and recipe Dolcetti e schetti:

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