Apulian flat bread with flour W330

  • Focaccia pugliese con farina W330


610 g of Flour W330 Molino Rossetto
90 g of drum wheat semola
525 g of water
50 g of olive oil
18 g of salt
15 g of fresh brewery’s yeast
20 g of potato flakes
7 g of diastase malt Molino Rossetto
enough cherry tomatoes
enough oregano
enough salt


Spill water in the bowl of the mixer and dissolve the yeast. Mix flours with the malt and spill one half in the bowl. Knead and add salt. Spill the rest of the flour and knead quickly until the dough is smooth. Add oil and gradually knead until the dough becomes smooth and elastic. Let it rise for about 2 hours in a bowl with some oil and covered with a film. Then spill the dough on the table dusted with semola, divide it in two parts and make two folds for each piece. Round the two doughs and let them rise until the volume doubles, about 30 minutes. Lie them on two round pans with some oil. Put the cherry tomatoes and some oil, salt and oregano. Cover the dough with the film. Leti it rest for about 30 minutes and cook at 230° in the hot oven until the flat bread is golden.

This is a Paoletta’s recipe. Have a look on her blog http://aniceecannella.blogspot.it/

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