Cake pops

  • Cake pops


For the dough
1 pack of Mix for soft cake Molino Rossetto
a pince of salt
125 g of soft butter
3 whole eggs
150 ml of milk
For butter cream
100 g of soft butter
200 g of powdered sugar
vanilla flavour
per la copertura
1-2 packs of Candy Fantasy Molino Rossetto


You can use sponge cake or mix for soft cake or mix for cocoa cake for the base of cake Once you prepared the base cook it and let it cool, then crumble it.

For the cream: pour soft butter in a bowl, process it with an electric egg beater for about 30 seconds. Put powdered sugar and add it to the compound with vanilla flavour. Go on kneading for 5 minutes more until the cream is soft and light. Add soe cream to butter and put it in the dough you’re your hands. Form some balls of the same size of a nut and put them on a pan covered by some oven paper. Let them cool in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours covered by some film. Let candy fantasy dissolve in water bath and mix until they become a smooth compound. Stick each ball on a cake pops stick and dip them on dissolved fantasy candy. Let the exceeding frosting fall. Stick cake pops in a styrofoam mold to dry them. Before frosting is dry you can cover the surface with colorful candies.

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