Quiche with pumpkin and cottage cheese

  • Quiche di zucca e ricotta


For the salted shortcrust:
200 g of flour type 00 100% Italian wheat Molino Rossetto
100 g of butter 
1 yolk
a pince of salt

For the stuff:
350 g of cleaned pumpkin
250 g of cottage cheese
250 g of provola cheese
2 eggs
20 g of grated parmesan
30 g of pumpkin seeds Molino Rossetto
enough salt and pepper


  • PUMPKIN SEEDS - 1,41 OZ (40 G) -
  • PREMIUM FLOUR - 35,27 OZ (1 KG) -


Distribute flour on a pan and pour at the centre pieces of butter, some salt and a yolk. Knead with your fingers with half glass of water. Form a ball with the dough and let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour. Cut pumpkin pulp in  small cubes, then cook it for 10 minutes. Then blend pumpkin in a mixer to obtain a cream. Put cottage cheese and parmesan, eggs, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix until you obtain a cream. Add blended pumpkin and mix. Then cut provola cheese in cubes and add it to the compound. Cover the pan with some oven paper and roll the dough down. Pierce it with the fork. Pour pumpkin and cottage cheese cream inside. Then close the shortcrust around it. Put the quiche in the ventilated oven at 200°C and cook for about 45 minutes. Cut and serve it when it is lukewarm.

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