Amici si nasce e si diventa

  • Amici si nasce e si diventa


100g of amaranth
200g of water
1kg of dark chocolate
900g of water
100g of olive oil
100g of seeds oil
200g of mashed raspberries
100g of pink syrup
50g of sugar
12g of pectin
50g of sugar
150g of buckwheat flour
200g of nuts flour
100g of sugar
50g of cornstarch
50g of amaranth flour
15g of water

For the sorbet read the recipe.




Cook amaranth in 200 g of water, for 40 minutes: i twill be ready when the seed will be opened and all the water will be dissolved. Boil 900 g of water and pour inside dark chocolate cut in pieces (for three times). Emulsify 1/3 of chocolate with 100 g of seeds oil and 100 g of olive oil. Pour the emulsion in the water and mix the two mixture and add cooked amaranth. Put the mixture in a mold and made it cool in a blast cabinet. Add powder licorice to the water and let it reduce for about 15 minutes. Add mashed raspberries to the pink syrup and  to 50 g of sugar. Put the compound on the fire and add 20 g more of sugar and 12 g of pectin. Pour raspberries mixture on the chocolate molds and let it cool in the balst cabinet. To prepare the shortcrust mix all given ingredients and homogenize for 10 minutes.

Ingredients for the sorbet:
200 g of liquid coffee
800 g of mashed chestnut
80 g of almonds milk
400 g of sugar
2 grated lemon peels
2 grated orange peels
For strischi:
30 g of licorice
40 g of water
Mix all the given ingredients and homogenize for 10 minutes.

With the licorice, make a stripe on the plate. Remove the chocolat from the oven, put it on the left side of the plate, put the shortbread on the right side and put a small ball of coffee sorbet above the shortread. Decorate with a leaf of dill.

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