Pizza ricotta, fave e cipollotto

  • Pizza ricotta, fave e cipollotto


For the dough
300 g of Flour type W330 Molino Rossetto
200 g di Flour type 0 Molino Rossetto
35 g di mother yeast Molino Rossetto
5 g di diastase malt Molino Rossetto
260 g of water
8 g of salt 
150 ml of evo oil
For the dressing:
500 g of cottage cheese
200 g of spring onion
200 g of tomato sauce
500 g Piccadilly cherry tomatoes
300 g of shucked fava beans
150 ml of evo oil
10 g of salt


  • DIASTASE MALT 4 CASES X 0.18 OZ (5 G) -
  • WHEAT MOTHER YEAST - 3 bgs X 1,23 OZ (35 G) EACH -


Make a fountain with flours, some lukewarm water and malt, mix to dissolve the yeast. Start to knead with a paddle adding then first half of the flours, then add salt and the rest of the flours. Knead for some minutes, add some oil and go on kneading until the dough is smooth and homogenous. So put it in a bowl with some oil and cover it with a towel. Let it rest. Let it rise in a lukewarm place for 2-4 hours until the volume has doubled. Reverse the dough on a pan with some oil, roll it with your fingers and let it rest for 20 minutes more. Turn the oven on at the maximum temperature. Knead the cottage cheese with salt, parsley and mint. Divide the dough into four parts, roll each one in a thin and circular crust on a surface with some flour. Fill one sac à poche without vent with the cream and distribute it to form some rings, drizzle the dough with some water and cover the ring.
Dress the dough with tomato sauce, olive oil and salt, distribute a spoon of these ingredients at the centre of each pizza. Put it in the oven at 250°C for about 20 minutes. Cook fava beans for about 3 minutes, cool them in water and ice and peel them, spice them with salt and some oil. Cook cherry tomatoes, peel them and cut them into halfs and salt them. Remove pizzas and add cherry tomatoes, fava beans, green onion and cook them for some minutes. Complete with mint, basil, chilli and some olive oil.

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