Cream of Tartar - gluten free - 3 cases x 0,56 (16g) -

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It is a gluten free natural yeast. It contains 3 packets of 16 g. 16 g of yeast are appropriate for 500 g of flour.
Ingredients: raising agents.

Produced in a factory that uses soy.

Cream of tartar is a raising agent.
It is a good alternative of chemical yeast and it can be used to make cakes, pizza and bread.
It is appropriate for those people that are intolerant the yeast and for those people that are on vegetarian diet.

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    Vegan almonds milk cake

    Mix almonds milk, honey, oil, sugar and knead all the ingredients until you obtain an emulsified cream. Mix flours with cream of tartar and add them to the liquid compound. Mix for about 1 minute. Choose the most appropriate mold: for a cake of 20/22 cm, for a plum cake use a mold of 21x9 cm, or you can make muffins or cupcakes. Cook at 180° for...