Gluten Free for everyone!

Gluten Free for everyone!

Diet gluten free is not only a confidence’s synonym, but also a way to vary the food.

Gluten free does not mean only waiver.
starting from mediterranean food, there is much food gluten free that everyone eat everyday. The advantage of a gluten free diet or with a reduced content of gluten for people that are not celiac is related to the possibility to vary the types of cereal dishes.
there are many tasty recipes to discover. So, not only bread or pasta made with wheat, but also with rice, amaranth, quinoa, mile, buckwheat and other gluten free flours and cereals.

But the problem is then … what can we prepare with gluten free flours? Here are some recipes that we thought for you.


Rice flour is a famous cereal, useful also as a thickener for creams, bechamels and sauces. It can  be used to make for example a soft yogurt cake, or some gluten free biscuits or to prepare a quiche.

Buckwheat flour is a flour with an intense taste, ideal to prepare pizzoccheri with beets and potatoes. Or with buckwheat grains it is possible to prepare many fresh salads ideal for outdoor pic nics, or for hot soups in winter. It is delicious the recipe of summer salad with buckwheat.

Soy flour  comes from soy milling, a leguminous plant. It is a toasted flour, with proteins, with an intense flavour. You can find it in recipes where it is mixed with other cereal flours, an idea in the kitchen? Pizza with soy flour or yogurt plum cake.


Also chickpeas flour, is an ingredient that you can use in many recipes, with a high content of proteins and mineral salts. With chickpeas flour you can prepare tasty crackers or peas and thaini sauce falafel. An example of sweet recipe is vegan biscuits .


Mile is a cereal rich of fibers and source of proteins and with low content of saturated fats.  Mile flour that comes from its grains it is excellent for people that are on gluten free diet. It has a delicate taste and it is ideal for mayn recipes, appropriate to make  muffins with nuts and mile flour. Or Mile grains can be cooked as an alternative of rice and pasta to make a great fresh salad….

Amaranth is a herbaceous plant, also called “pseudocereal” because if it isn’t a cereal, it is used in the kitchen as it were a cereal. With amaranth flour you can make a tasty pie with jam. To make your breakfasts different, you can replace cereals with puffed amaranth, ideal to make home made  candy bar.

Also quinoa, like amranth, è a herbaceous plant of spinaches and beets group, used by Andean people. You can use quinoa flour to prepare shortcrust cakes, or gluten free bread with quinoa flour.



Finally, tapioca flour is appropriate to enrich soups, vegetables soups but also to prepare desserts, like chocolate muffins.

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