Yellow maize flour of fine-grained, ideal for soft polenta and cookies 

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  • Corn flour's biscuits

    Corn flour's biscuits

    Let the raisin soften in a bowl of warm water for half an hour and let the butter melt. Blend corn flour with “00” flour, sugar and salt. Then add butter, the egg yolk, orange zest and in the end the rum; knead the dough until it will be uniform. With a spoon, take little quantities of the dough and form into balls which you flatten and...
  • Amor polenta

    Amor polenta

    Cut butter in pieces and mix it in a bowl adding some sugar gradually. Put the eggs gradually and then maize flour. Add almonds, flour type 00 and the yeast. Mix the ingredients and add liquor. You should obtain a smooth and homogenous compound. Put the dough in a mold  with some butter and flour. Cook at 180° for about 45 minutes, checking the...
  • Meliga paste

    Meliga paste

    Mix flours in a bowl, add sugar, salt, vanillin powder and mix all the ingredients. Add butter at ambient temperature, two eggs, lemon grated peel and the pack of yeast.  Mix everything to obtain a smooth and homogenous compound, let it rest for at least 10 minutes. Pour the dough un the sac a poche. Press it and make some shortbreads: if you...
  • Zaletti


    Mix flours and form a fountain, at the centre add soft butter, salt sugar and yeast. Knead and put raisin in some schnapps, then add it on the dough. Add eggs and orange peel and go on kneading. If the dough is too dry put some schnapps. Roll the dough, cut it and cook until they become crispy. Finally put some powdered sugar.
  • Tortillas


    Mix manitoba flour, maize flour, salto il in a bowl. Put some water gradually, and mix until you obtain a soft dough. Knead until the dough is smooth. If it is too sticky, ad another spoon of flour. Divide the dough in 8 pieces and give them the shape of small round balls. Warm a pan without oil. It must be very hot. Put a small ball between two...
  • polenta patties

    polenta patties

    Prepare polenta through the traditional way with maize flour in a bowl and let it cool. When it is lukewarm add yolks and mix the ingredients with a paddle, then add parmesan, some chopped parsley, salt and pepper. Mix the ingredients and form some pulled patties and put in the centre of each patty a cube of cheese. Put some miaize flour on them...


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