Instant yellow "polenta" (cornmeal mush) - 14,11 oz (400 g) -

Yellow parboil maize flour. Ready in few minutes.

It is produced in a factory that uses cerals with gluten and soy

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  • Polenta savoury pie with soft heart

    Polenta savoury pie with soft heart

    Cut montasio cheese in slices not too thin, divide gorgonzola in pieces. Boil 750 ml of salted water in a casserole. Remove the pot from the fire and pour 200g of mix for instant polenta and mix. Put the casserole on the fire until polenta is firm. Put some oil on 8 aluminium molds and fill ¾ of them with instant polenta. When it has completely...
  • Milk flavour polenta

    Milk flavour polenta

    In a pot boil some water, and add some salt, milk and oil. Poor the flour. Mix without forming lumps. Cook for 5 minutes and mix. You can serve the polenta with tasty dishes as baccalà alla vicentina or as fried fish. Or you can toast it and serve it with some cheese, grilled meat or cold cuts.


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