7 cereals in 7 days

7 cereals in 7 days

7 is the magic number!

7 are the colours of the rainbow.
7 are the days of the week.
7 are the musical notes to compose a melody.
7 are the planets and 7 are the  stars Great Bear.
7 are the wonders of the world and 7 are deadly sins.
What about Kings and Rome hills? They are 7.
If we want to be precise, also Snow White dwarves are 7.
Ah, and dulcis in fundus... Also CEREALS are 7!

Isnit possible to find a link? Is it possible to link cereals to the days of the week?
Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophic medicine , tried it. He stressed the therapeutic and energetic value of food.  These are characteristics that can be valued through our rythms and with natural cycles. A step to find a link with natural forces is to find values of different cereals (wheat, rice, barley, mile, rye, oat and maize).

Monday - RICE

Let’s start the week with rice that has a link with the moon, queen of tides. The moon has a mysterious dimension and it suggests abandon and passivity. A biscuit, a quiche or a soft cake with rice flour gluten free Molino Rossetto, invite to reflect before going to work.
Try these gluten free Moroccan biscuits.

Tuesday - BARLEY

On Tuesday, dedicated to Mars, passwords are: action and courage. Barley was food of Greek philosophers and Roman gladiators because barley stimulates meditation and movement.
You can use barley flour Molino Rossetto to make bread or cookies.
Try this recipe with Barley grainsMolino Rossetto: barley salad with vegetables.

Wednesday - MILE

Wednesday, dedicated to Mercury, is the moment of transformation and of mile.
Mile grain is the smallest among cereals. Once mile was put in the bride’s shoes to demonstrate that she was alive and spirited.
Mile is linked to sense organs.
You can make many recipes also with gluten free mile grains Molino Rossetto, like salads with vegetables of  soft muffins for breakfast with gluten free mile flour Molino Rossetto.

Thursday - RYE

Thursday is the day dedicated to Jupiter and to the fortitude. It link to the rye that grows in the mountain. It gives energy and stimulates activities of the liver. For this reason we suggest to prepare
 rye bread.


Friday - OAT

Friday is linked to Venus and oat is linked to goddess of beauty. Venus is mother of everything that grows on vegetation. This is a cereal that remains green. Oat flour is used to make both sweet and salt recipes, for example quiche. Oat grains Molino Rossetto are also appropriate for a fast dishes.

 Saturday - MAIZE

Saturday is influenced by Saturn: maize is favourite food of American Indians. This cereal is associated to this planet. Also Saturday is seen as a carefree day. It is a chance to look back the week that is ending.
There are many recipes that you can make with maize flour Molino Rossetto. We suggest to make Zaletti.

Sunday - WHEAT

Sunday is linked to the Sun. You can make some wheat flour (wheat, spelt and kamut) to receive solar forces and energy. It suggests meditation. All cereals are Sun’s sons, but wheat in particular. It realizes a harmoniuos equilibrium. Let’s end the week with some pasta and using an ancient wheat like Con una pastasciutta di frumento (grano, farro, kamut) riusciamo ad accogliere dentro di noi le forze solari, irradiando tutti gli organi per un pieno di energia. Vuol richiamare l'uomo a guardare meditativamente al suo essere interiore. Tutti i cereali sono figli del Sole; il frumento in modo particolare. Esso è diffuso su tutta la terra e realizza un equilibrio armonico. Gli è proprio, come a nessun altro cereale, l'oro solare.
Concludiamo quindi la settimana con un bel piatto di pastasciutta, magari utilizzando un Senatore Cappelli wheat.

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